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Free Shipping in the Contiguous USA!


Mounting instructions

If you intend to mount your product on a wall, there are a few important steps.

  1. Go to a local hardware store and purchase a piece of 1½” angle iron (either steel or aluminum, about the length of your cabinet).  It can be a little shorter.
  2. You may have to drill holes in it to match where the wall studs are in your wall.  Attach the angle iron to your wall using screws, making certain to attach it to the wall studs and that it is level. 
  3. You can attach it either with the back leg up (would set behind the cabinet when installed and will be less noticeable) or down.
  4. After you have done that, set your cabinet on the angle iron and put 2” wood screws with washers through the back of the cabinet toward the top into each wall stud. 
  5. With the larger units as an added precaution, put more screws in the next row also.
  6. Using a small washer on the screws inside the cabinet will distribute the pressure on the back.  This will keep the screw from “popping through” the backing. 
  7. The angle iron will support the weight of the unit and the screws with the washers will keep the unit against the wall. 
  8. Adding a few screws with washers at the bottom of the unit, especially for the larger cabinet models is recommended. 
  9. A few short small screws through the angle into the bottom of the cabinet will finish the installation.

If you are not certain of any of these instructions, you can call us at 765.780.0147, and we will try to walk you through it.

As with any real wood furniture, maintenance is a coat of paste wax made for wood twice a year.  This will protect and beautify the wood.  We use and recommend Johnson’s paste wax.

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