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Free Shipping in the Contiguous USA!
Free Shipping in the Contiguous USA!


Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

What finishes are available?

We have four standard finishes.  Our most popular finish is honey oak. 

If you look at the finishes on a spectrum, unfinished is just bare red oak wood.  It is ready for staining or painting on your end, if you so desire. 

Clear finish looks like a clear coating on the wood and enhances the wood grain, darkening it up a little bit. 

Honey oak is a little darker and is more of a traditional stain color.

Dark might be described by many people as walnut.

Are your products solid wood or particleboard?

All of our products are made from one of the most popular hardwoods in the United States, red oak.  It is top-grade, kiln-dried lumber that make our units a long-lasting, quality piece of furniture. The backs of the cabinet units are MDF with an oak veneer.

Do you make your products in the United States?

They are made by hand in New Castle, Indiana by a team of lifelong woodworkers.  

Do you make your products by hand?

All of our products are hand-made, one at a time.  Our dowel units use a combination of glue and a compression fit to hold the unit together. The cabinet units use one of the strongest construction methods, tongue in groove, to facilitate a strong and durable finished product.  Both of these methods are used to alleviate the need for screws or nails, which can distract from the appearance of our quality products

Are your shelves adjustable?

Because our products ship fully assembled (except for feet), the shelves are not adjustable.  The fixed shelving dramatically increases the strength and durability of the unit.

Do you offer custom options?

We offer standard modification and advanced customization for customers who have specific requirements.

Installation Questions

Are your products hard to assemble?

Good news!  Our products arrive fully assembled, with the exception of attaching the feet for units that have feet.  Feet come pre-drilled with the appropriate hardware and it’s easy to do with a drill.

Are these units easy to install?

Many of our units are designed to be freestanding floor units or sit on a desktop or another unit.  The wall-mounted units take a fair amount of handyman skills to ensure the safety and proper leveling of the unit.

How would I mount a unit to the wall?

Click here for mounting instructions

Service Questions

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping to the continental US - even on our largest units.

Can I talk to someone on the phone if I have questions or a problem?

Yes!  Because we are a small company, you can almost always get an immediate response (M-F, 8 am - 5 pm) from someone via phone or e-mail.  If we are busy, we will get back to you shortly. 

The best phone number is 765-201-0804.

The best e-mail is

What is your address and phone number?

Hill Wood Shed LLC

1503B South Memorial Drive

New Castle, IN 47362