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Dowel CD Tower Space Saver Storage Racks

Solid Oak Space Saver Dowel CD Racks

Our dowel CD storage racks are our least expensive storage solution. All dowel models manufactured by The Wood Shed are made using kiln dried red oak lumber and dowels made to our specifications. The dowels are turned and sanded to a dimension a little larger than the holes that are drilled into the sides. The combination of glue and the compression fit holds the unit together with no need of screws or nails to distract from the appearance of our quality products. To view a short video showing how our products are made, view the video below.

We recommend that, if you need to move the dowel units after they are installed, you should remove your CD's, DVD's, etc from the storage racks before attempting to move them. Trying to move them loaded could stress the glue joints and cause them to come partially or completely apart.

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